Quality Control & Warranty


Solaria Panels are warranted for 25 year both for Production and Workmanship which along with their high efficiency and reasonable pricing qualifies them as a premium panel.  Under 10% of all panels qualify for PREMIUM Status. Solaria is  one of only 4 Panel brands to warranty workmanship for 25 years.

Many people concentrate on the panels when deciding what system to purchase.  However the real Brains of the Solar System is the inverter.  The inverter actually “wakes up and puts the panel to bed”.  This is why we use Enphase Micro Inverters.  They are highly sensitive and helps panels to be awake 2-3 % more that other inverter systems.  But the BEST THING about Enphase is they are the only Inverter company whose 25 Year Warranty is included in the price.  They can do this because of their reliability,

SolarPlus Systems 10 year warranty is what the California Public Utilities mandate  for all solar installations.  We have been in solar since 1991.  We have seen that if there is a problem, it usually happens fairly early in the system’s life.  And it is rarely the installers fault.  It is usually equipment failure.  For a few years, we were repairing systems for companies that had gone out of the solar business and it was almost always equipment failure.  We only had 1 solar panel fail and it had a broken bus bar that had occurred during shipping. Because we monitor on a regular basis, we noticed that this panel was producing 10% below it’s neighbors and was able to test it and then replace it.  We monitor all systems on a regular basis including a weekly check on panels.  Terry has devised a method to make this quick and easy even though it is still time consuming.  We do not know of anyone else who does this.  This way we normally know before you do if there is a problem and roll the truck to repair it. 

While some companies may offer a longer warranty, it is a marketing ploy.  Only a few companies last.  And who knows what the future holds for anyone?