About Us

As a leading provider of solar, we take pride in offering the best and most complete solar systems at the most reasonable prices, saving you money and ensuring the best installation possible for you and your family.

President:  Terry Shelton, Sr.

As Terry Shelton Construction, aka The Solar Company, he was one of the first solar contractors in Fresno County with projects dating back to 1991. He has also done solar work for the US Forest Service and SCE solar weather stations.

A Master Electrician with over 40 years at journeyman level and above, his work has been predominately in solar design/installation, power generation, motor control,  and energy management.

In the ever changing field of energy management, Terry has continued his extensive studies spanning 3+ decades and over 160 CEU’s plus many classes that did not give credits in electrical power generation, motor controls, energy management, solar system design (PV & solar thermal), HVAC systems and infrared camera inspections.

He wrote and taught the solar curriculum for Efficiency First California (formerly CBPCA)

His wife, Brandi, wears many hats from office manager to sales and marketing and has participated in many classes as well as learning from Terry so that she understands your needs.  She is the one you talk to on the phone initially.  Then she or one of her sales team come to your home to get the information for the design of your system and to find out what type of financing you would desire.

We are a family owned and operated business and all three of our sons are helping out in some capacity in the business. Whether it be working on the install, consulting on an install or drawing the plans, they are all a great help in the business and we really appreciate their assistance.

Sales and Installation Crews

Our sales people are instructed that they only tell the absolute truth about our products, installation and financing, and we believe in a no-pressure approach. They are there to assist you.

All of our installation crew learn from Terry and know that he accepts no less then perfection.  Terry does all the final hook-ups of the panels to the inverter  and to the service panel.  Terry is training several people to take over the reins one day.

We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day.

We have been in business since 1988 and carry a General “B”, C-10 Electrical, C-20 HVAC, and C-46 Solar classification on our California Contractors License #549059.  NOTE: The lower a Contractor’s License Number, the longer they have been in business.